Masonic Work

Masonic work takes place during “Meetings” in a room called a “Temple”.

The work follows a ritual and symbolic method, which finds its roots in the tradition of Universal Freemasonry.

Throughout the Meeting, the ritual joins the masons together in a context which isolates them from the bustle of the outside world. Every member can express his opinion, calmly and frankly, in total liberty and in complete confidence, after having asked for leave to speak. All points of view are examined in a spirit of tolerance and fraternity.

The Entered Apprentices are subject to the Law of Silence, which corresponds to a period of reflection.

Within Federations members take part in the study of annual questions, both social and symbolic. Studies with social outcomes can be made the subject of syntheses brought to the notice of the outer world, and thus be used by law givers.

As well as this, all Lodges are invited to study an international question, the report of which is presented to the International Conventions.

Apart from these questions, all other philosophical, symbolical or social themes may be studied in a Lodge. Regular attendance at Lodge Meetings is essential, bearing in mind the importance of experiencing the Meeting. No one can become “a Mason” in the full meaning of the term, if he/she does not attend regularly. It is, in point of fact, in the Lodge and through reflection, the exchange of ideas, and taking part in Meetings, that one becomes a Freemason.

Every human being, no matter his origins or level of intelligence, is able to work on himself, research and reflect.

As the Saying of Socrates goes: “Know thyself”.

Masonic progress is not summed up by an intellectual approach, but it appeals to intuition, the imagination, the creative and the emotional, i.e. the entirety of the philosophical process of the Human Being.

It is through a common language (that of symbols), on the basis of a common culture (that of tradition), and the support of the ritual, that Freemasons arrive at a quality of listening and of dialogue which favours the exchange of ideas and prepares the Future.