Masonic Secret

From the start Freemasonry has often been described as a “secret Society”. On several occasions when the official powers have wanted to condemn it, it has justified the condemnation by using this false pretext. It was the case in France under the Vichy government, in the Spain of Franco, in the Italy of Mussolini, in Poland under the Beck law, and, in a general way, in all the totalitarian regimes.

If some Freemasons wish to continue to remain secretive about their masonic membership, it is because of mistaken interpretations by narrow-minded people, extremist or fundamentalist, who give them a bad image which causes harm.

If every Freemason has the possibility to make himself known as such, under no circumstances may he reveal the masonic quality of his Sisters or Brothers; everyone is free to decide for or against making his membership known.

As a result, freemasonry is extremely discreet. Actually, the rituals, the regalia, the Temples etc. are relatively well known, because articles or books, in many languages, and more or less correctly documented and more or less objective, are available in bookshops.

In the International Order of Co-Freemasonry, “LE DROIT HUMAIN” ceremonies take place according to a particular Rite: The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

Masonic Meetings begin and end with a symbolical ceremony, but that which takes place inside the Temple cannot be revealed by articles, because it is inherent to an initiatory experience which cannot be expressed in words.

It is necessary to repeat that the true secret is the personal experience of everyone and that, because of this, it cannot be communicated.