The Lodges of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry, “LE DROIT HUMAIN” work “to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe” and/or “to the Perfection of Humanity”.

The Order is composed of Masons of both sexes who have sworn obedience to the International Constitution of “LE DROIT HUMAIN”. They meet in Lodges of all degrees (1° to 33°) within the initiatory pyramid. There is continuity on the Spiritual and Initiatory ladder.

Legislative power is held by the International Convention, the sovereign Assembly of the Order. Executive power regarding decisions made by the International Convention, the maintenance of regularity and masonic unity within the Order is entrusted to the Supreme Council of LE DROIT HUMAIN INTERNATIONAL, the management of which is submitted to the International Convention for ratification. Judiciary power is exercised within the member National Association in accordance with the provisions of their General Regulations, and under the ultimate control of the Supreme Council, comparable to the Supreme Court of Appeal of French law. We repeat that the applicable law is French law.

The International Order of Co-Freemasonry, “LE DROIT HUMAIN” professes no dogma. Its purpose is the search for Truth. Thus, in Lodges, discussions or debates on social or religious questions cannot, in any case, have other purpose than that of enlightening its members and making it possible for them, through a fuller understanding, to fulfil their duties as Freemasons.

The principles and methods of work adopted by the International Order of Co-Freemasonry, “LE DROIT HUMAIN” are those of the Scottish Grand Constitutions of 1786, revised by the Convention held at Lausanne which united in Switzerland, the principal Supreme Councils on the world on 22nd September 1875.

The Masonic initiatory path, thus adopted by the International Order of Co-Freemasonry, “LE DROIT HUMAIN”, proposes to whose who join, a difficult personal interior journey in order to know themselves better to understand the Other, and to help work towards a better world.

The rituals encourage members to continue, in the outer world, the work started in the Temple. The fundamental aim of the Order is to assemble that which is scattered and encourage human improvement. The challenge is the construction of a temple, both symbolic and concrete, the members of which are the builders as well as the material.

Each stone must keep its specificity and be able to be part of the building.