Freemasonry admits human beings seeking perfectibility.

The aim is not to create an intellectual elite, but to contribute to the perfectibility of free men and women.

The request by a profane (from the Latin ‘Pro Fanum’, he who stands outside the Temple) is formulated in a simple letter and addressed: either direct to the President of the chosen Lodge, or to the Headquarters in Paris (also via Internet).

The administrative procedures are the same in both cases, and end with permission to initiate, to adjourn or a refusal.

If the Candidate is accepted, he/she will go through a Ceremony which is called an Initiation – the etymology means ‘Initium’ i.e. a beginning. The ceremony of Initiation follows a specific ritual.

After this ceremony, the Candidate becomes an Entered Apprentice. The rule to which he is submitted encourages his thinking, and helps him to extract the maximum of instruction from the Meetings at which he is present.

These rituals do not constitute a cult: there is no guru nor personal worship, but a search for Truth.

Ces rites ne constituent pas un culte: il n’y a pas de gourou, ni de maître à penser, mais une recherche de la vérité.

The International Order of Freemasonry for Man and Women, ‘LE DROIT HUMAIN’ insists on mutual respect from its members.

Having set out on what is both a personal and a collective journey, the Entered Apprentice will progress along the initiatory path and can accede to the different degrees conferred by the Order.