Tribute to V.·. Ill.·. and V.·. D.·. Bro.·. Georges Martin


Tribute to V .·. Ill .·. and V .·. D .·. Bro .·. Georges Martin, Founder of our Order, held at the cemetery of La Ferte-Saint-Aubin, Loire department, 24th September 2016.

V.·. Ill.·. S.·. Yvette RAMON
Grand Master of the Order

I have the formidable honor, on behalf of all the members of the Order and their representatives gathered here around you, to address all our recognition to the man who founded a Masonic Order whose name is in itself, a whole program.

Very Illustrious Brother, the emotion that we feel today around you is undoubtedly the same one that gripped V.·. Ill.·. S .·. Marie Bonnevial the day of your funerals. She evoked your life full of incomparable generosity, tireless activity, with an ardent faith in the certainty of the rightness of your struggle for justice, the equality, the dignity of the human beings.

Because you were par excellence man with a strong sense of duty, you had a high idea of the right. (Marie Bonnevial)

Thanks to Maria Deraismes, thanks to you who married the fights of women, those escaped partly from the prisons in which our manners had locked them. (Marguerite Martin)

It remained to do even more for them, in this end of XIX century:

  • to give them the possibility to access the masonic initiation,
  • to give them the possibility to pursue, as men, the initiatory process until its term,
  • to give these possibilities to men and to women around the world.

This struggle of every moment, you carried out it during years near male obediences. You thought, in your natural generosity, that the open-minded of a freemason could overcome the obstacles. It will have taken many disappointments before you decide, with Maria Deraismes, and SS .·. committed with you, to lay the foundations of an obedience for men and women. Then, and always concerned with equity, you founded the first universal Supreme Council for Men and Women accessible to freemasons, men and women, members of an international organization whom you imagined in order to spread its emancipatory principles on the both hemispheres.

You wanted to realize the internal unit by removing the rivalry between blue lodges and lodges of high degrees. (Marc Grosjean)

All of us here, representatives of the federations of Le DROIT HUMAIN, we are all different, but we are all your children.

We are different, but are linked by the ideal for which you fought so long and to which you dedicated your whole life.

You opened an original way, by respecting justice, equity, fraternity.

You gave us a splendid name, LE DROIT HUMAIN: By itself this name is a program of high and worthy life.

Around your tomb, we are moved, and grateful: without you, we would never have known each other; without you, we would never have appreciated each other; without you, perhaps even we would have been adversaries when we consider the current world. Thanks to you, we have the possibility to love Humanity in its diversities and to work, as you wished it, at its moral, intellectual and spiritual progress.

Since your departure for the Grand Lodge Eternal, LE DROIT HUMAIN knew difficult moments, it will undoubtedly know some again. But, as long as it will be faithful to your will, faithful to your ideal, faithful to the principles and precepts which you defended, it will live and thrive.

The sentence of our rituals: “Love is stronger than death” was never truer than today.

V .·. Ill.·. Bro.·., rests in peace, your Brothers and Sisters promise to continue your work and to maintain the flame which did not stop motivating you.