Any day a terrorist attack may occur… Israel, Lebanon, Mali… The world is reeling!


On 18th January 2016, after so many similar attacks, the constellation of fanaticism, of folly and of  organised crime hit innocent people in the capital of Burkina Faso…

On 22nd March 2016, after so many similar attacks in the world, the constellation of fanaticism, of folly and of organised crime hit hundreds of innocent people in the capital of Belgium and the social headquarters of the European Union…

The DROIT HUMAIN INTERNATIONAL, whose members celebrate, wherever they are, a free and  fraternal Humanity, rise once more up against the barbarity perpetrated in Ouagadougou and in Brussels.

With this message, it wishes to bring all the support as well as all the feelings of compassion, of fraternity, of benevolence of its members to the victims and to their families.

Since it is established in countries of highly diversified cultures and beliefs, the DROIT HUMAIN INTERNATIONAL knows what the differences are between all humans; it considers that diversity is a
richness to be preserved as long as one respects the freedom of conscience of everyone and as long as one practises tolerance and mutual respect.

Today, Humanity feels in its body and its heart the suffering of all the victims, past and present, and thinks it is time to do everything possible to enlighten the road of its future, the members of LE DROIT HUMAIN INTERNATIONAL will always be there to contribute to this.